Providing Quality Tenants For Quality Properties… In Sacramento

“We find the perfect tenant… You manage your own property.”

Property management companies charge steep monthly fees
and limit your freedom to manage your own property.

We are a tenant qualifying service who charges a flat fee
to find you a high quality tenant.

Once we find you the perfect tenant, then you manage
your own property the way you want to.

What WeFindYourTenant.com Will Do For You:

1.) We will advertise your property
2.) Show your home to quality tenants
3.) Pre-Qualify your tenant(s)… including background checks
4.) Present to you a potential tenant for your approval
5.) Complete all contracts and legal disclosures
6.) Provide you a hard copy of all paperwork for your file

No upfront fees… You don’t pay until the tenant you select moves in.

What’s next? Simply click below to send us your contact information
with a brief note to clarify your request or ask any questions you may have.
We’ll get back to you promptly!