Services & Pricing

We will find your new tenant, qualify them and complete all contracts and legal disclosures for you. So you don’t have to worry about it! We charge a simple flat fee based on a sliding scale, depending on how much you charge for rent.


If Your Monthly Rent Is: Then Our One-Time Tenant Qualifying Flat Fee Is:
$1,500 – $2,000$795 (Only 53% Or Less Of 1st Month’s Rent)
$2,001 – $2,500$895 (Only 45% Or Less Of 1st Month’s Rent)
$2,501 – $3,000$995 (Only 40% Or Less Of 1st Month’s Rent)
$3,001 + Up$1,095 (Only 37% Or Less Of 1st Month’s Rent)


We also offer convenient optional services. Because you may be busy with work, travel, personal life, or family; you may not have time to move the tenant in, inspect the property, or handle the lease paperwork. So for a small additional investment, we will take that stress off your shoulders, too!

Tenant Move In

We represent you at the time your tenant moves in by meeting them at your house, handing over the keys, and completing the move in inspection. Only $75

Exterior Inspection

We drive by the home to make sure the tenant is upkeeping the property. This inspection is performed without us going onto the property. We send you photos of the property from the street. Only $75

Interior Inspection

We are certified by the City of Sacramento to perform the annual inspection that each rental owner is required by law to complete. You get permission from the tenant and schedule an appointment. We handle the rest. During this inspection, we enter the home to make sure the tenants are maintaining it. We take photos and send them to you so you can see for yourself how things are going. Only $95

Extend or Amend Lease

If your current tenant wants to stay another year or add someone else to the lease, we can handle the paperwork for a small fee of Only $75 – $125, depending on the service.